The Inner Wisdom Revealed…

heloisa-in-workshop-2016I strongly believe that every person has an inner knowledge that needs a safe and loving container to explore and find solutions to their personal, interpersonal and transpersonal conflicts. My commitment to you is to lovingly foster the environment necessary to encourage personal growth. Together we will uncover your path towards healing, self-discovery, self-empowerment and spiritual growth.

My passion is finding the love and the wisdom that resides inside you so that you can create your life full of meaning, potential and possibilities.

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Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from April 2019 to OCT 23 2019 From Oct 25 2019 to April 22 2020 Heloisa is in Brazil working at the sacred Mountains sanctuary. At these times you can reach her through email and skype sessions. Back in Canada on April 25 2020 to end of Oct 2020