Heloisa practices a unique form of Psychotherapy that borrows from shamanic practices as well as more traditional methods. Her client-centered approach encompasses a unique composite of Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Emotional-bodywork (ISP and SE), Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement and Energy Healing with emphasis on Spiritual Guidance and Intuition.

Basics of Psychotherapy

A client centered approach that encompasses a unique composite of Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Emotional-bodywork, Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement and Energy Healing with emphasis on Spiritual Guidance and Intuition.

Some Benefits include:

Self empowerment
Improve self-esteem
Clear boundaries
Heal traumas
Increase inner peace and love
Ability to create a more fulfilling life
Improve the quality of relationships
Strengthen spiritual resources.

Psychotherapy for adults

Are you in any of those situations or similar?

• Life transitions
• Relationship difficulties
• Spiritual crises
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Too much fear
• Lack of purpose in life
• Lack of self esteem
• Desire to live more consciously
• Desire for change
• Persistent illness

The most effective way for you to see results is to book sessions on a regular basis. This means coming to session once a week or more, every week for a minimum period of 3 months. Those that are looking to book their sessions over an extended period of time can receive discounts with our package deals.

What to expect

The flow of the session will vary based on the particular clients approach to therapy. The conversation arises intuitively from the client- therapist connection. You will be invited to speak and then to explore your issue by paying attention to your body, feelings, mind thoughts and other senses. This discussion encourages openness to the possibilities of deep personal discovery. You might also be invited to express your feelings or what is going on in your life through some expressive art . And those who are willing may include the use of hypnosis to work on the issue.

We work with what is present. Yet the present issue can take you back to your childhood, family dynamics or /and past life experiences. Your intuition and impulse will be fully respected as well as your limitations, defenses and resistance. They are all part of you, for you to learn to recognize, embrace and respect yourself, as you continue you process.
Everyone is unique, so a tailored approach will be developed according to your needs. Throughout the session a wide variety of techniques will be used to support your awareness and healing.

Psychotherapy for Couples

Are you looking to…

• Resolve marriage crises
• Improve the relationship
• Improve communication
• Unlock the power of your love
• Have more intimacy

I suggest you come for couple session. Couples session are once a week or every other week and last a minimum of 1 hour.

What to expect

Each partner will be invited to speak and encouraged to talk about a recent issue that has arisen. Throughout the discussion, guidance will be offered to help you find a clear communication channel that is resourceful and effective.

Through various exercises a couple can retrieve clarity, balance and improve the quality of their shared life. The session will include exercises to practice at home. The practice of these exercises at home is a very important part of the process. The clients will learn to create clear and effective communication skills including time for intimacy and various other aspects of their relationship.

Couples session are tailored to assist you in resolving and improving your relationship according to your needs as a couple. It is all done in a respectful environment that is conductive to achieving a balanced and rewarding relationship.

Sessions for couples examine the dynamic of their relationship. Problems usually arise from an unconscious unhealthy dynamic. Bringing consciousness to those dynamics and finding healthier ways to relate is the key for a better relationship.
Frequently it is necessary that the partners deal with their individual issues in individual private sessions, leaving the couple session for those issues belonging to the relationship dynamic.

Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from March 2020 to end of Dec 2020