Regression Therapy

This very specific therapy helps you to heal the root cause of an issue from child hood experiences, a past life, reconstructing the fragmented mind, or by releasing entities or energies that are attached to your body/psyche. At the beginning of regression therapy you never know what the root cause of your problem is. Through questions, your unconscious will reveal the cause and what is affecting you. Then healing can take place as you are held with safety, love and the expertise of the therapist that will bring resources for your integral healing

In these sessions you participate consciously through the process, learning about your vulnerabilities that need healing and empowering yourself in the present life.If you want to explore this therapy, I suggest that you come with an issue that you feel has roots in the early childhood or the transpersonal realm and book a 2-hour session. It is an intense process that is guided through hypnotic or non-hypnotic inductions. Below you can find out more about the four aspects of Regression Therapy.

Regression to Childhood or Infancy

Many of our difficulties are rooted in early traumas. Through this therapy you will recall, sense and /or feel experiences from your early childhood that had been buried or forgotten. The therapist will guide for you to feel always safe, so that healing can happen.

Past Life Therapy

Our core issues often have roots in our infancy and/or in other life experiences. Many times the root cause is back in another time and repeat itself in this life or many lives. Past life regression uncovers those memories bringing renegotiation of the conflict and a profound healing for the body and the soul.

Spirit Release Therapy

Many times what seems to be our issue is not only ours but belongs to another consciousness that is attached to ours. It is quite frequent that an embodied or disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person. Spirit Release is a powerful clinical model for releasing those entities and energies.
Experts in this area estimate that 70% to 100% of people are affected or influenced by one or more entities some time in their lives. Some of the symptoms that might indicate spiritual attachment are: changes of personality or rapid mood swings; sudden onset of anxiety, depression or physical problems with no obvious cause; inner voices; persistent lowered energy level; abuse of drugs; impulsive different than your usual behavior.

Recovery of Soul Fragmentation

This is a clinical approach to the ancient shamanistic healing, “Soul Retrieval”. It is an important step in the healing process and it consists of ” bringing home” a psyche fragment lost in a traumatic experience. The client takes active participation in this process, being able to consciously integrate it.
Through the use of these inter-combined processes, results can often be seen immediately. It is a gentle and loving process; a profound experience for the client and well as the therapist.

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