Shamanic Practices have been an integral part of Heloisa’s practice for a long time. Using the guidance of the spirit and her own intuitive healing gifts, she helps the client to uncover and heal old wounds or places of stuckness and achieve emotional balance and spiritual connection. Having gone through many spiritual experiences, she is a compassionate spiritual counselor helping others to ground their experiences and expand their spiritual path.

Soul Retrieval

The ancient tribes saw illness as the loss of part of the soul and/or spirit interferences. Soul Retrieval is one of the ways to retrieve the part of the soul that was lost. We all suffer traumas and in those experiences part of our essence splits. Sometimes not wanting to be here, not wanting to suffer or just hiding because life is too difficult and painful. Usually these issues are rooted in our childhood and youth age, although adult experiences can be also be the cause. Although it is important to deal with those issues in psychotherapy there comes a time when we feel as if something is missing and what is missing is the energetic quality the lost piece of our soul.

If you feel that missing feeling or emptiness even though you have been working hard on your issues, this practice could be the remedy. The best results are often aquired over a two hour session.   The therapist/shaman will do a journey in your behalf to retrieve the part of your essence that is missing.Or it is also possible that you do the journey assited by the therapist/shaman to retrieve those missing parts.

When the journey is completed the therapist will guide you through a process to help you integrate and embody your new essence.
In Soul Retrieval,  the shaman can experience the journey on your behalf. Guided by Spirit guides the shaman travels in the underworld and or upper world to find the essence of that lost part. The shaman brings it back and blows into the client’s body. The client receives it and is helped by the shaman/ therapist to integrate what happens.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is an intuitive spirit guided healing. The therapist works directly with the body and energy field of the client helping to clear not desirable energies bringing light ans awareness into the body and mind.  This helps you to restore, realign, relax and to balance your energy. This healing can be very relaxing or quite intense. It depends on the case. The therapist follows the guidance of spirit and uses their hands as instruments as well as blow, sound and specific instruments to facilitate the healing.

The client is encouraged to participate by doing a special breathing and by becoming aware of what is happening. It can help you release emotional issues that are deeply ingrained in the body. It will always renew your energies and help you to heal.

Healing can only happens when you desperately want to heal. It is important to examine your beliefs around healing and your attachments to the disease. Healing is between you and the Higher power. The Therapist/shaman is only part of the equation.

You might choose this healing when you feel you need body energy work and you are ready to trust the process of healing .
You can start by booking an hour or one and half hours for your healing.

Some sessions can only be done in Roseneath , Ontario.

Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge is a native ceremony of purification. It has been known and practiced in many ancient traditions around the world. It is a powerful and life changing experience. It can take one into the depth of the Earth and the Divine Mystery of life. There are no words that can accurately describe this sacred experience.

Heloisa embraces the wisdom of many  traditions and follow the guidance of Spirit. In this process she encourage the busy western minds to become empty to enter into the womb/heart of the Earth. During the Sweat Lodge Ceremony the body cleanses through sweating, the emotional issues are named and offered to Spirit to be carried away. One will surrender into the Earth’s womb as the primordial container of death and life. The Earth embraces it all in her darkness and the participant might experience the sense of emptiness and/or oneness with the Earth. Spiritual presences are welcomed to awake in one’s body/spirit, and provide a new energy and inspirational vision to one’s life. The first phase of the ceremony we call the dying part and the second is called rebirth.

This ritual is designed to explore the timeless mystery of dying and being born again, no one can tell how long it takes. We enter the lodge at dusk and leave when the ritual is finished.

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Ceremonies and Rituals

Are you looking to have a meaningful celebration or to make a stand in a transition time of your life held by community support ?

Heloisa can offer you ideas and guidance on how to embrace the energy of those special moments, a rite of passage or celebration according to your beliefs, community and needs.

Those creative rituals/ ceremonies are a co-creative process between you and Heloisa. Following your desires we will tailor something that is right for you and your community.

To give yourself permission to have a meaningful, creative, and unique way of living, those special times help you graciously leap towards your next phase. The group energy becomes a resource of love and support that will stay with you as time goes by.

Heloisa have co-created and guided rituals to celebrate birthdays, weddings and baby showers. As well as having guided clearing of a house to welcome the new potential of the space to be used.
Please contact her for more information

NEW!!!  DIVINATION sessions

Heloisa is now offering Divination sessions! Come to listen the voice of the ancestors and the elements’ truth for a better life and purpose. This divination practice is part of Dagara tribe tradition adapted for the western culture. Heloisa studied with Malidoma Some.

This reading we use shells, coins and stones and various other objects over a cloth with elemental symbols, which help you to understand and have an broad view of what is going on in your life, your life purpose and/or other questions you might have. The session also brings to you a prescription – a home work / a kind of a ritual to help you open up what needs to be open and heal what needs healing.

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Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from March 2020 to end of Dec 2020