Psychotherapy is the art of uncovering unconscious material, which make you repeat and repeat the same behavior, problems, feelings even when you want change. It helps a person to be more conscious, loving, spontaneous, self – accepting, self-responsible, self confident, caring about one’s own self; others and the environment. It brings to surface your heart presence and your wisdom.

There are many forms of psychotherapy, some more analytical others more experiential.

In my practice I use Shamanic Psychotherapy, which is a combination of experiential psychotherapy with ancient arts of healing with and through Spirit. It works simultaneously with the body, mind, emotions, soul and Spirit.

Experiential psychotherapy means that it is relational; client centered and explores the dynamics of the unconscious through experiential exercises and mindful awareness.

Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from March 2020 to end of Dec 2020