Shamanism is the ancient practice of personal transformation through one’s openness to spiritual energies and the surrender of the self into the “Mystery”. The ancient shamanistic practices first used by native people around the world, are accessible to us because we have inherited spiritual capacities within our human nature. As we retrieve those capacities we honor the ancient tribes, their wisdom and sacredness. We honor those that had walked before us in this planet and had left their wisdom imprinted in our cells.


We honor our ancestors. We honor the Earth as a living being and all the creatures as one. We learn to connect with the energies of the four elements, four directions, nature, power animals and all the spiritual energies from the earth and from the heavens that are in service of the heart.

Shamanic practices include: drumming, sounding, creating sacred circle, invoking spiritual presences, healing with the elements, shamanic journeys, retrieval of ancient wisdom, energy healing, soul retrieval, rituals, vision quest and sweat lodge.

Those practices promote a deeper connection to life and its elements and a sense of responsibility and love for the Earth and all living beings.

Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from March 2020 to end of Dec 2020