When we are confronted with challenging situations in life, we need to awaken our heart, our wisdom and soul’s purpose. Usually we look for therapy when we feel stuck, depressed, confused, anxious, lost, ill, in a relationship crisis; or in a life change process. Those critical times are precious because they call us to move into a new direction. Searching for help is the first step in your transformational process. Congratulations on embarking in this new and rewarding journey. The journey to finding your own self.
It is my belief that we are spiritual beings having an embodied experience and for many people, Spirituality has become an intense call. We cannot no longer separate our emotional from our spiritual life. The longing has been intensified in the last decades and it has become a general and familiar subject to explore our spiritual heritage and resources, as well as heal our past wounds and fears.
Healing is a journey of self-discovery, and openness to new possibilities. It is like peeling a onion with layers of stuff to discover deep inside a your original blessing. It is to find who you really are, and why you are here in this planet. It is to recreate yourself, giving birth to a new you.

Where is Heloisa now?

In Canada from March 2020 to end of Dec 2020