Heloisa da Silva Porto, R.P. has been on a healing and spiritual path since her adolescence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her commitment to serve as healer/therapist became clear in 1995, when she had a spiritual awakening in a sweat lodge.

Throughout her healing journey Heloisa has developed a broad understanding of the body-mind-spirit interconnection and a depth of empathy, compassion and intuition for other people’s emotional and spiritual processes.

Her work evolved from a combination of approaches based on various traditions and supported by her natural healing gifts. She has also been heavily influenced by her life experiences as a mother of five, a farmer, a teacher and an artist. Some of her gifts are: a strong intuition, an ability to communicate with the unconscious, a keen perception of energies in the physical /emotional / spiritual bodies, healing hands, a sharp clarity on relationships dynamics and her ability to be a safe container for people’s inner growth.

She demonstrates a spontaneous delight in expressing energies through sounds, movement/dance and/or visual art. This non-verbal enthusiasm inspires others to use their own methods to creatively express whatever emotions are in their bodies . Heloisa has a powerful earthy presence. She is deeply grounded which enables her to meet, support and lovingly encompass each person’s energies, however needy or challenging they might be. Her love for the Earth and the Divine Mystery permeate her gentle yet strong leadership in Sweat-lodge Ceremonies.

Heloisa established her private practice in Toronto in 1995. She has also worked as an Expressive Arts Therapist with special needs children at Muki Baum Association 1999 -2001. She co-founded the Institute for Shamanic Psychotherapy (1996- 2001). And she was the founder and director of The Shamanic Psychotherapy School -2005- 2011. Now closed. She is a Register Psychotherapist by CRPO since 2015.

In the past few years, since 2016, she has been working for 6 months in  Northumberland area and Toronto, ON, and 6 months  in Caxambu and Aiuruoca area, MG, Brazil  where she founded the Sacred Mountains Sanctuary.